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Summit Ascent Program

What's the Summit Ascent Program?

We’ve expanded our old rewards program and given it a new name. Now there are more rewards- we’ve made them easier to achieve AND added the exclusive SUMMIT CLUB for our most loyal customers. 

1$ = 1pt

How does it work? Every dollar you spend earns you one point. You start earning rewards as early as 250 points (that’s about one jacket!).

You can spend your points or save them for a higher-level reward:

250 points = 20$ Gift Card

20$ Gift Card

Or hang on to your points to reach...

500 points = 50$ Gift Card

50$ Gift Card

Or hang on to your points to reach...

750 points = 100$ Gift Card

100$ gift card

Summit Club

At Au Sommet we work hard to build a relationship with our customers. The Summit Club allows us to reward our best customers. 

To reach these levels we’re counting both your active (unspent) and inactive (already spent) points, so don’t worry about spending those points earlier, they still count towards each level of the Club.

There are 3 levels with some big rewards: 

Base Camp - 1000 pts
$150 off your next purchase

Base Camp

Camp 2 - 2500 pts
10% off for LIFE

Camp 2

The Summit - 5000 pts
$500 off your next purchase

Au Sommet


Summit club members will also get information about exclusive offers and special events. That’s another advantage of shopping with us!

We hope to see you at Basecamp soon!