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The choice in technical clothing offered by outdoor companies is vast and often complicated if you don't understand why products are created. For hiking, cycling, going out climbing, running trails or simply for walking in the city there are many different shell options. This guide seeks to explain the ins and outs of the world of shells so you can make the best choice for your needs.

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With several different types of base layers on the market, which should you choose?  Synthetic, merino, blends, and even compression are some of the options out there.  For simplicity’s sake, today we will focus on two of the major materials in the outdoor industry: synthetic versus merino.  Both fabrics have their ups and downs, so it’s important to know the differences to get the specific performance that you desire.

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Down items lose their effectiveness if they are not washed; they will last longer and keep you warmer if they are well taken care of.  Built up oils and dirt will reduce loft and as a result, warmth. However, it's important to not wash too often, as that can reduce longevity also. The amount you wash depends on usage care.
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